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PALS Courses Include:

  • Unlimited PALS Practice Tests
  • Study Algorithms
  • PALS Study Guide
  • Unlimited Final Exam Retakes
  • Instant Printable PDF Provider Cards
  • 2 Hard Copy PALS Provider Cards in the mail
  • 2 year PALS certification based on latest AHA guidelines
  • Official AHA PALS Provider Manual
  • 8 CME's/CEU's for PALS certification
  • 4 CME's/CEU's for PALS renwal
  • Satisfaction guarantee

AHA based PALS Certification Online

American ACLS puts special emphasis into our PALS courses. The reason for this is obvious, children are precious, and when tragedy strikes, we want our students to be able to answer the call. We don't want to give our students the impression that our PALS Certification can be completed in less than 1 hour, because we don't think it should be. We offer a large assortment of Pediatric Advanced Life Support study material and a rigorous final exam to ensure our students are prepared to treat children with the highest level of care possible.

AHA PALS Guidelines

We base our PALS courses 100% on American Heart Association PALS guidelines. We update our training material to reflect the latest guidelines the moment new recommendations and practices are released. We also provide students with the latest version of the official AHA PALS Provider Manual with both PALS Certification and Recertification courses. Rest assured that when you choose American ACLS for PALS Certification, you are studying from the most current material available.Shipping Later This Year! The Newly Updated 2015 PALS Provider Manuals !

PALS Algorithms

Upon signing up for one of our PALS courses, you will get instant access to PALS Algorithms through your Online Classroom. Study online with any device, and maintain access to all of your study material for the full 2 years of your certification.

PALS Study Guide

We believe that the only sufficient study guide for PALS is the AHA PALS Provider Manual. We will not give you a condensed version missing 50-60% of the information you need to not only pass your final exam, but save lives also. A lot of online certification programs will charge you extra for this manual, but we include this in all of our PALS Certifications, as we believe it is paramount to your success as a PALS Provider.

PALS Practice Quizzes

We produce an endless number of PALS Practice Quizzes by pulling questions from a database of hundreds of PALS practice questions. We have hundreds of satisfied students who continue to study throughout their certification with these quizzes, because we allow you to access them for the full 2 years of your PALS certification.

Continuing Education Credits

We issue Continuing Education Credits (CEU's) and Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits with all of our PALS courses. With the PALS Certification Course you will earn 8 CEU's/CME's and with the renewal course 4 CEU's/CME's. These credits are fully accredited by American ACLS and accepted throughout North America.

Why choose us

  • Accepted nationwide & internationally
  • Risk free money back guarantee
  • Courses based on AHA/ILCOR Guidelines
  • Keep access to all training materials for 2 years
  • 100% online
  • No Skills check required
  • Free shipping
  • No hidden fees
  • get certified anywhere, 24/7
  • Certification reminders

How it works

  • Step 1. Choose your courses and purchse
  • Step 2. Study our online material, or the AHA provider manuals
  • Step 3. Pass the final exam
  • Step 4. Receive your cards.

Common questions

  • How can I get a Clinical Skills Check?
  • The American ACLS Certification Association does not require a Clinical Skills Check for PALS Certification or Recertification.
  • Is there a time limit on the exam?
  • No, we do not put a time limit on any exam. You can take the exam at your pace anywhere, with any device that has an internet connection.
  • Will I get a PALS Provider card?
  • Yes, after passing the PALS Final Exam, you will have instant access to a printable PDF card from your online classroom. You will also receive 2 Hard Copy PALS Provider cards in the mail.
  • How many questions are on the final exam?
  • There are 50 questions on the final exam, and you must score 90% or better on the exam to pass.
  • When does the course begin?
  • The moment you complete the registration process, you will be directed to you online Classroom, and your course begins. You can sign on and off at your leisure, and complete the course on your schedule.